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Black Talon Security Press Release
Katonah, NY: Black Talon Security, the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions and data breach security for the dental market, has entered into a partnership agreement with the Seattle Study Club (SSC). Black Talon will provide advanced cybersecurity, HIPAA compliance and PCI solutions to their Members to help protect their business continuity and patient records from cyberattacks.

The Seattle Study Club is an international organization dedicated to cultivating comprehensive dentistry by providing support to over 250 dental clubs around the world. The dental community continues to be a target of cyber criminals and cyber threats due to the large amounts of critical patient data they store. Cyberattacks exploit electronic protected health information (ePHI) for the use of identity theft, ransom, and blackmail. Now, more than ever, you must be proactive in protecting your practice from data breach security.


“It’s unfathomable with such recent events as the U.S. government being hacked that anyone would think cybersecurity is not the greatest risk to our society and businesses right now. I have personally seen colleagues fined as much as $600,000 by the federal

government for breach of HIPAA violations from hacking – and that’s before any lawsuits. The last three years of protection by Black Talon have given me an incredible sense of security and confidence. Their systematic and extremely thorough approach has made the most cutting-edge practices practically bulletproof to cyberattacks, and excellent communication furthers the notion of protection I am receiving. They work hand-in-hand with your IT company to give you the utmost peace of mind. Best service in the industry.” – Dr. Jason Stoner, Director of Sfumato Study Club

“We are extremely excited and honored to enter into this partnership agreement with the Seattle Study Club and the opportunity to work with their Members to further secure their networks. We have extensive experience in the dental and security 

communities which allows us to provide advanced solutions that will further harden their infrastructure. We want to help prevent cyberattacks by identifying and implementing a multi-layered security and training approach. With this new partnership,we will be able to provide an additional level of security and confidence to the dental community as a whole.” – Gary Salman, CEO Black Talon Security

It has now become a necessity for every dental practice and specialist to engage with a dedicated cybersecurity company that handles data breach security and cyber threats. It is also equally important that practitioners ensure that their IT vendor is working with a dedicated cybersecurity company that can implement advanced cybersecurity solutions into their operations and infrastructure. Offices can be shut down for two to four weeks after a ransomware attack without the ability to see patients, collect A/R or file insurance claims.

The price tag for these types of cyber threats and attacks easily exceed $100,000 for a small practice. Most offices think this will never happen to them and have no business continuity plan in place. By working with a company who specializes in cybersecurity, they can help prevent data breach security compromises that severely impact the practitioner, practice, reputation, and patient trust.

About Black Talon Security, LLC 

Black Talon is a cybersecurity company focused on protecting dentists and specialists from cybersecurity incidents through education and training. Information on their services can be found at www.blacktalonsecurity.com. Schedule cybersecurity consultation today to learn more.

About the Seattle Study Club (SSC)

The Seattle Study Club (SSC) is an international network of doctors providing a forum for each member doctor to discuss and plan

cases with the collective knowledge of the entire group. Additional information can be found at www.seattlestudyclub.com.

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