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Black Talon Security Press Release

Agreement Set to Help Protect Patient Records and Confidentiality 

Katonah, NY: Black Talon Security, the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for the dental market, has entered into an agreement to provide advanced cybersecurity solutions to PBHS, Inc. in order to protect critical infrastructure and patient records from cyberattacks. PBHS is the leader in website development, online patient registration and secure email solutions.

The healthcare security landscape is rapidly changing and now, more than ever, businesses and practices are being targeted by cyber criminals in order to exploit electronic protected health information (ePHI) for the use of identity theft, ransom and blackmail.

“PBHS knows the importance of protecting our infrastructure from attack. We store a lot of ePHI and understand how imperative it is to protect the trust of our clients and their patients. Not only do I entrust my own company with Black Talon Security services, but I recommend them to my clients as well. They consistently audit and test the strength of our systems, networks, applications and services,” said Jay Levine, President of PBHS, Inc.

“We are excited about the opportunity to provide cybersecurity protection for PBHS. Our team has extensive experience in the dental and security communities which allows us to provide security solutions that harden PBHS’ infrastructure. Our mission is to protect and prevent cyberattacks by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities on their network. In addition, the organization will undergo extensive Cybersecurity Awareness and HIPAA Training. This mission aligns with PBHS’ goals of having a robust, compliant and secure network” said Gary Salman, Chief Executive Officer of Black Talon Security.

Practitioners need to thoroughly assess the companies they do business with to ensure that they are implementing advanced cybersecurity technologies into their operations and infrastructure in order to prevent data compromises that can severely impact the practitioner and practice. 

About Black Talon Security, LLC 

Black Talon is a cybersecurity company focusing on protecting dentists and specialists from cybersecurity incidents while helping them achieve HIPAA compliance through education, training and documentation. Information on services and testimonials can be found at www.blacktalonsecurity.com. Information on the Black Talon Security EcoSystem can be found at dentalsecure.org.

About PBHS, Inc. 

PBHS is the leader in dental website design and development, online patient registration and secure email solutions. They have received the endorsement from the ADA as the secure platform for email. For additional information, please visit their website at www.pbhs.com.


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