Google Warns of a Major Security Issue with Chrome

On Thursday, 10/28/21, Google announced a critical update for their Chrome browser.

Security vulnerabilities were detected that enable hackers to potentially launch attacks against Windows and MAC based devices. Google confirmed that hackers were able to execute attacks. These vulnerabilities are classified as 0 Day exploits, meaning they were an unknown exploit in the wild that exposes a vulnerability in software or hardware.

Black Talon is recommending that all computers running Chrome are immediately updated to version 95.0.4638.69.


If you have the "Update" icon in the top right corner, follow these steps:​​​​​​

To update Chrome, look for the ellipsis (three vertical dots) in the top right corner of your browser and select Update --> Relaunch to Update Chrome.


If you do not have the "Update" icon in the top right corner, follow these steps:

Click Help --> About Google Chrome. Chrome should then initiate an update if necessary. Once completed, Google recommends relaunching Chrome.