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Georgia Dental Associates Endorses Black Talon Security for Cyber Investigations

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Gary Salman
Black Talon Security, LLC



The Dental Cyber Security landscape continues to be a target of cyber criminals due to the large amounts of critical patient data they store. With the increase in the remote workforce and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a 300 percent increase in cyberattacks, thus putting dental practices in need of advanced cyber investigations. Hackers continue to get more sophisticated and are now not only accessing the network, but they are destroying backups, encrypting data breach security, and threatening to sell your patient’s data that they have stolen from the practice if you refuse to pay their ransom demands. Now, more than ever, healthcare providers must be proactive in protecting their practices with cyber investigations.

“Dental offices are extremely vulnerable to cyberattacks. By partnering with Black Talon Security, we have a strong ally to help educate our members about cybersecurity and protect them against cyberattacks,” said Dr. Ed Green, chair of the GDA Finance, Benefits and Audit Committee.

“We are extremely excited and honored to receive the first official state endorsement by the GDA and the opportunity to work with their members. We have extensive experience in the dental and security communities which allows us to provide advanced solutions that will further harden their infrastructure. We want to help prevent cyberattacks by identifying and eliminating vulnerabilities on their networks. With this new partnership, we will be able to provide an additional level of security and confidence to the dental community as a whole,” said Gary Salman, CEO of Black Talon Security.

Through cyber investigations, practitioners need to thoroughly assess the companies they do business with to ensure they are working with a dedicated cybersecurity company that can implement advanced cybersecurity technologies into their operations and infrastructure. Offices can be shut down for two to four weeks after a ransomware attack without the ability to see patients, collect A/R, or file insurance claims. The price tag for these types of attacks easily exceeds $100,000 for a small practice. Most offices don’t think this will ever happen to them and have no business continuity plan in place. By working with a company that specializes in cybersecurity, they can help prevent data breach security compromises that severely impact the practitioner, practice, reputation, and patient trust.

About Black Talon Security, LLC

Black Talon is a cyber security company focused on protecting dentists and specialists from cyber security incidents and data breach security while helping them with compliance through education, training, cyber investigations, and documentation. Information on their services can be found at www.blacktalonsecurity.com.

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